Developed in Montreal laboratories and tested in agricultural facilities in Quebec and Manitoba, the MAXIMUS system is the result of patient and precise work carried out in close partnership between our team and agricultural producers wishing to improve the performance of their business.

Today, Maximus has over 3000 master controllers
connected to thousands of auxiliary units worldwide
that all communicate remotely.

Maximus, leader in agricultural technological solutions, is also:

  • A history of electronic assembly, repair and design services, as well as engineering support, via QMA Electronics
  • More than 25 years of combined experience in the field of agriculture and IT development
  • An efficient, fast and flexible production system
  • Ergonomic, state-of-the-art, scalable and easy-to-use equipment
  • A concern for animal welfare
Our Mission

Our goal is to contribute to the performance of your company with automated solutions that ensure the well-being of your animals and optimize your results. MAXIMUS is also designed to improve your environmental footprint by making better use of your energy and resources.

Our commitment is to offer you technologically advanced solutions that meet your current and future needs. We want your experience to be both enjoyable and profitable. MAXIMUS strives for excellence and works consistently to achieve this goal.

Our People

The MAXIMUS project revolves around a solid team whose members combine over 25 years of agriculture-related experience, including the design of technological solutions, operations management and customer relations. The MAXIMUS team is driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the highest standards of quality and reliability.

You will be supported by an experienced, competent and dynamic team to maximize your profitability.

Nizar Barrou

Business Development

Mario Bissonnette

Agricultural Technologies Specialist (poultry)

Marc Boivin

Agricultural Technologies Specialist

Martine Bouchard


Émilie Éthier

Sales and implementation Maximus Software

Sylvain Fontaine

Vice-President Software Sales

Yun Pan

International Sales

Valérie Paquet

Agricultural Technologies Specialist (hog)
+1 (877) 445-6556