Poultry House Controller

Built to Optimize Your Production Performance

Empowering Your Management with a Single System

The MAXIMUS controller is an integrated system that relies on data-driven management to improve your poultry operations. With an accurate farming approach, you strengthen control, gain efficiency, reduce costs and improve bird welfare and productivity.

The MAXIMUS controller automates, monitors and adjusts poultry equipment. In fact, the MAXIMUS is the brain-in-the-house that controls the environment conditions:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ventilation
  • CO2
  • NH3
  • Lights
  • Water
  • Feeding
  • Generator
  • Power consumption
  • And more

With the MAXIMUS controller, you are managing your poultry house globally, NOT just the ventilation! Select what you need and, in no time, you are ready to go!

Poultry House Controller - The MAXIMUS controller monitors the poultry house environmental conditions.                    Poultry House Controller - Barn Overview on the MAXIMUS controller

Since All the Elements are Related, Why Would you Manage Them Separately?

By managing your entire house with a MAXIMUS controller, you ensure consistency and efficiency in operations, with an overview to discover potentially hidden problems that are hindering your animals' performance. In case of anomalies, a notification on what is not working properly will instantly be sent to allow faster decision making.

For instance, whether the decrease in the birds’ feed consumption is due to faulty equipment or because they are sick, an early detection will allow you to assess the situation and take immediate action since you will know exactly what the source of the problem is. All this in a single system.

At All Times, Embrace the Power of Your Connected Poultry Houses

MAXIMUS Poultry House Controller | Stay connected at all times

Not only do you constantly monitor the operation of your equipment, but you also have the ability to manage it from your mobile device. No matter where you are, you can intervene quickly.

For example, you can stop a water valve timer if you suspect a water leak, make quick adjustments to ventilation to reduce humidity, or check if your generator is running during a power outage, all of this remotely.

Plus, with MAXIMUS Prevention, you have the most advanced fire prevention technology that continuously monitors the electrical network of your building. An alarm will be immediately sent to you should an anomaly be detected. Remotely, you can take action on any equipment connected to the MAXIMUS controller.

Get peace of mind knowing you can manage your poultry business at your fingertips!

Quick Takeaways

Be connected at all times - Forget about delays and distance!

Single Source - No more juggling on multiple systems to make a decision. You have a complete view of your poultry house environment for productive management.

Up-to-Date and Accurate Data – You no longer have to compile manually collected information. With real-time data, you can adjust your poultry house operations at any time.


Reports Generation according to your needs - That’s the way to make proactive decisions based on meaningful information.

Effortless and Real-Time Collaboration - Work hand in hand with your veterinarians, integrators, etc., as if they were next to you. Some decisions can now be made faster directly in the poultry house.

Adaptable System - The MAXIMUS controller distinguishes itself by its ability to integrate a wide range of equipment for your greater benefit such as generators, egg counters, etc.

Free Updates - Knowing the fast evolution of the poultry industry, MAXIMUS is always ready to meet the latest needs of the producers.

5-Year Warranty - As a manufacturer, providing quality products to the producers is part of MAXIMUS’ commitment.