Efficient Poultry Feed Management System

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Getting new birds off to the right start and keeping them growing or laying is the key to success. Producers know the importance of proper feeding across all phases of poultry production and so does the MAXIMUS team. By connecting feeding equipment to a controller, producers can better manage feed delivery to their poultry flocks.

This is why combining our automated feed distribution equipment with the advanced features of the MAXIMUS controller is a simple way to gain operational efficiency and help meet the feeding standards of animal welfare. Moreover, it helps to produce more productive birds, and reduce feed costs.

Taking control of your feeding system has never been easier!

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Benefits of Using the MAXIMUS Feeding Solution

Precise feed batching: The MAXIMUS controller, when paired with our feed bin load cells and electronic feed drops, enables for accurate, consistent, and automatic feed delivery based on your bird’s needs.

Improved growth and performance: Ensure that your birds always receive the amount of feed they need according to their growth phase. This translates to better feed conversion rates, increased rate of gain, and better overall performance.

Cost savings: Control and monitor fill and feed motors with custom parameters for alarms and the automated shutdown of equipment to avoid costly feed spills.

Uninterrupted feeding: With remote control, you can monitor your feed bin inventory in real time. Automatically switch between tandem bins when one runs empty with the use of our automatic feed slide. Combine this with digital feed bin load cells and automated feed inventory reporting for the ultimate level of control and monitoring. Say goodbye to feed outage events and streamline the feed tracking and ordering process!

Find out What our Customers Have to Say!

Poultry Feed Management - Quote Mr Gauvin  I like being able to monitor and control the distribution process remotely. Whether it is to adjust feed quantities or check bin levels, the system provides us with real-time information that allows us to make the right decisions.  Poultry Feed Management - Quote Mr Gauvin  - Jonathan Gauvin,Ferme A. Gauvin, Ferme A. Gauvin & Fils inc., Quebec, Canada


Poultry Feed Management - Quote Mr Anderson  Having displays on the bins has eliminated feed outages. The ability to change feed amounts remotely saves me trips to the farm. I wouldn’t build new houses without Maximus!  Poultry Feed Management - Quote Mr Anderson  - Jesse Anderson, Pilgrims Pride Breeder/Pullet grower, Kentucky, USA


Poultry Feed Management - Quote Mr Miller It’s great having all the built in alarm options for feedings. I get notifications when there’s an equipment issue, and once it’s fixed I can feed remotely if I missed a cycle. The Maximus system keeps me informed of issues so that birds don’t go without feed.  Poultry Feed Management - Quote Mr Miller  -   Lee Miller, Vital Farms grower, Tennessee, USA

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