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Electric Feed Drop

Maximize the growth potential of your poultry production by integrating the electronic feed drop with a smart controller.

With a well-designed setup and precise calibration of feed drops, you can be confident that feed is evenly distributed throughout your flock. Moreover, plan different types of feed and rations to be delivered to distinct pens or rooms in your farm according to the specific needs of your birds. This is an effective approach to rationing bird feed in certain rooms to avoid excessive weight gain.

When paired with a MAXIMUS controller using bin scales and feed scales, you have the ability to set up feed curves so that batch quantities do not have to be changed constantly. This also makes it easier to monitor feed consumption for each feed drop.


  • Adaptable to flex augers
  • Less cross augers or motors required –> Cost savings
  • LED indicator light showing when the mechanism is open or closed
  • Cold resistant