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Barn Fire Prevention - MAXIMUS Solution

Barn Fire Prevention - MAXIMUS the Most Advanced Fire Detection Technology

Farmers often suffer tragic losses in barn fires, such as livestock, equipment, and buildings. One of the most vulnerable parts of a livestock barn is usually the electrical system.

Today's farms are increasingly automated, with equipment running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The advantage is that the equipment runs all day without any supervision. However, this equipment has the potential to cause electrical overload or malfunctions that can increase the risk of fire. In fact, faulty electrical equipment is one of the main causes of barn fires, accounting for over 40% of all fires.


Barn Fire Prevention - MAXIMUS Prevention reportingThe MAXIMUS PREVENTION system is designed to detect any electrical anomalies by tracking amperage losses to the ground on your electrical network. Moreover, it monitors the variance between the ambient temperature and the temperature in the electrical panel to flag any possible overheating in the electrical panel.

You only need to select your parameters and you will receive instant alarms by SMS, e-mail, or phone, should a problem occur. Our system also calculates the global risk index based on the panel temperature and current of all panel monitors. A background color informs you immediately of the risk level. Graphics conveniently show the current risk and the temperature risk. Various reports can also be sent to you keep informed whenever you want.

Barn Fire Prevention - Fire Prevention Technology Accessible for ANYWHEREFire Prevention Technology Accessible for ANYWHERE

With the MAXIMUS Prevention solution, you can act fast! Remotely, you can diagnose and analyze the source of the problem. And above all, you have the power to intervene effectively on equipment connected to the MAXIMUS system, wherever you are.

Quit Worrying About Interrupted Operations

Not only does our Prevention solution effectively reduce the risk of a barn fire, but it is also a trusted tool and a proactive means of countering potential interruptions to your operations by detecting any electrical anomalies before your equipment stops running.

Trust MAXIMUS Prevention to redefine efficiency by ensuring that your electrical network remains safe.

A Simple Tool to Protect What Matters the Most

Installing the MAXIMUS Prevention system is simple. All Prevention module installations must be carried out by a certified electrician, to ensure proper and reliable operation and safety.

GET the Only Fire Prevention Solution That Offers a Complete Protection

Barn Fire Prevention - MAXIMUS controller connected equipements

1. Surveillance 24/7 of your electrical network.

2. Detection of any anomalies (overload, difference in temperature, etc.).

3. Instant alarms sent to designated recipients.


Plus, you can remotely


4. Identify the source of the problem on your phone.

5. Intervene quickly on MAXIMUS-connected equipment.


Give yourself the advantage of intervening BEFORE a fire breaks out!

The MAXIMUS Added Value

To make sure that MAXIMUS is an easy decision and a rewarding experience for our clients, here is the extra value you get:

  • No monthly fees - You own what you purchase.
  • A 5-year warranty - Our commitment to you!
  • Possible savings with your insurance company.
  • No contract - Stay as long as you want.


Protection of animals and material assets: Detecting fire risks at an early stage enables rapid intervention to minimize potential major damage.

Continuous surveillance: Ensuring constant monitoring of the equipment, even when no one is in the building.

Barn Fire Prevention - MAXIMUS prevention module

Here is What Our Clients Have to Say

“As soon as the MAXIMUS Prevention solution was activated, some anomalies that could have been fatal were detected! I am now reassured! My electrical network is monitored at all times!”

- B. Fontaine, Ferme Avicole Benoît Fontaine Inc

“MAXIMUS Prevention has provided us with peace of mind knowing that our barns electrical network is constantly being monitored” - D. Vandenbraak, Vandenbraak Farms LTD.



MAXIMUS Prevention - For peace of mind!


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