Greenhouse Automation: A Precise Solution for Today’s Growers



The MAXIMUS controller uses advanced technologies to provide you with the ultimate in climate control capabilities for your greenhouse. It allows for many daily tasks to be automated and timed with accuracy to create the ideal growing environment for your plants.

Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS climate controller

A Greenhouse Management Network at Your Fingertips


The MAXIMUS system is an integrated greenhouse climate controller. It offers a fully networked system honed precisely on providing an ideal greenhouse environment by constantly monitoring the temperature, humidity and ventilation with exact precision. An easy way to grow plants for abundant yields.


Best of all, the MAXIMUS greenhouse automation system collects detailed data about your greenhouse in real time. You can access a wealth of information directly on the controller or remotely via your computer, tablet or smartphone.


With MAXIMUS, you can view, analyze and make adjustments to vital parameters quickly from anywhere, at any time. Thanks to this complete control system, configurable instant alarms will alert you of any anomalies. Smarter, easier and safer, that is innovative approach to work efficiently.


Not only does the possibility of monitoring remotely your crop conditions at all times give you freedom, but it also gives you the insurance to improve quality products and reduce the cost of resources like water, energy, and labor.


Plus, all-encompassing decision-making based on real data helps you make better choices. That is what today’s growers expect when they manage their greenhouse.


MAXIMUS Technology - A simple integrated system made for you to maximize your crop production.

A Modular and Customizable System Based on the Needs and Wants of Each Grower

The MAXIMUS system is highly flexible and configurable. Depending on your setup, you can choose to manage many aspects of your greenhouse, including:


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Temperature FeatureTemperature

Certain plants need specific temperatures at different times of the day to flourish. The MAXIMUS controller gives growers the ability to have several temperature set points throughout the day. It manages equipment accordingly to monitor temperature and keep it at the requested levels.


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Ventilation Feature


With MAXIMUS, managing natural or mechanical ventilation has never been easier. Once equipment such as roof vents, side curtains, positive pressure fans or exhaust fans is installed and settings are entered, the MAXIMUS controller will automatically operate this equipment to achieve the desired temperature and humidity levels.


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - C02 levels FeatureCO2 Levels

Plants absorb carbon dioxide so they can use photosynthesis as a source of energy. Increasing the CO2 levels in the greenhouse can positively impact the photosynthesis of plants. By controlling ventilation and CO2 injectors, the MAXIMUS controller optimizes CO2 levels to benefit plant life.


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Humidity FeatureHumidity

Maintaining optimal humidity levels in your greenhouse is important for plant growth. At higher or lower humidity levels, plant physiological processes may slow down, leading to delayed growth and lower quality output. With devices like mist systems, sprinklers and fans, the MAXIMUS controller obtains optimal humidity levels that are key to plant health.


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Irrigation FeatureIrrigation

Over or under watering can have damaging effects on plants. To prevent this, the MAXIMUS controller offers the following functionalities and monitoring capabilities:
Irrigation cycles based on current weather scenarios.
• Irrigation with the use of tensiometers. Sensors detect and monitor soil moisture levels to automatically start and stop irrigation to achieve desired moisture levels.
• A timer on the main water valve determines when the water lines will be opened and closed.
Water meters indicate the volume of water the irrigation lines have received during the day.
Water pressure sensors send alerts to the grower if there is a problem with any of the irrigation lines.

Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Valued Features

Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Amperage Readings Feature

Amperage Readings

The MAXIMUS controller offers, as a standard feature, continuous amperage draw readings of all equipment connected to it. Having access to this information offers two main advantages to the grower:
• In the event that equipment fails to start, such as a heater, an alarm will be sent to the grower.
• Low or high amperage reading can indicate to the grower that preventive maintenance is required. This reading could reduce the risk of equipment failure or unplanned shutdown.


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Generator Monitoring Feature

Generator Monitoring

The MAXIMUS system has the ability to connect to your generator and provide valuable information such as weekly runtime tests, battery voltage, fuel level, oil pressure, etc. The system automatically alerts growers if runtime tests fail, or if fuel or oil readings fall below certain levels. Extended power outages can have devastating effects on your plants. MAXIMUS can help you avoid falling victim to your generator not starting when you need it most.


Greenhouse Automation - MAXIMUS Controller - Alarms Feature


Stay connected to your production 24/7/365. Whether it is equipment that fails to operate or parameters that fall outside the set threshold, the controller will send an alarm (via SMS or email) once an anomaly is detected allowing for quick and immediate action. For larger operations, MAXIMUS has a scheduling tool allowing growers the ability to set up a schedule of who is on alarm duty for the given day and the user’s preferred method of receiving these alarms.

Meaningful Reports

For growers, making an informed decision is crucial. By following a series of easy-to-use steps, growers can efficiently generate customized reports that are important to them. With access to this information at your fingertips, decision making has never been easier.

Reporting and metrics are designed to provide insight into the performance of your equipment and crop production. These reports allow you to gradually improve your greenhouse operations. They help you identify priorities, refine your practices to achieve your objectives, and measure the results obtained. You can use reports that are made available or create your own reports.

MAXIMUS – The Unique Way to Monitor Your Entire Greenhouse with One System

The MAXIMUS greenhouse climate controller manages all functionalities to offer optimal conditions to your crops, including:

Greenhouse Automation - Monitor Your Entire Greenhouse with One System

  • Roll-up side curtains
  • Roof vents
  • HAF Fans
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Misting
  • Weather station
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Tensiometer
  • Biosecurity
  • Etc.


Managing Your Greenhouse’s Climate has Never Been Simpler.

At MAXIMUS, we take great pride in our solutions, and as such, we stand behind the products we offer.

To make sure that MAXIMUS is an easy decision, we offer the following added values:

  • Pay only for the modules you need - No extra payments. No hidden fees.
  • Free updates - MAXIMUS never becomes outdated.
  • No monthly or subscription fees - You own what you purchase.
  • A 5-year warranty - Our commitment to you!

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