Swine Management System

A Smart Management System That Combines Productivity and Animal Welfare

MAXIMUS Controller

Stay connected at all times to your farm

The MAXIMUS controller automates equipment operations according to production customized parameters. This system continuously monitors farm installations to create a secure and optimal environment: temperature, humidity, CO2, NH3, ventilation, light, water, generator, and much more.


Additional benefits

  • Real-time data collection
  • Remote access
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Multilingual
  • Free updates
  • 5-year warranty

Farm management system - stay connected at all time
Farm management system - MAXIMUS software solution

MAXIMUS Software

Simple management for connected producers

The unique MAXIMUS Software is a complete production monitoring software: sows, nursery and finishing.

Entirely customizable, this software provides a GLOBAL picture of your livestock production.

Save time and reduce your production costs by using proactive management based on real-time data.

  • Data entry on mobile application
  • Synchronization of production monitoring for all buildings and sites
  • Reporting per sow or per group
  • Synchronized Reports/dashboards shared between the producer and stakeholders (veterinarians, integrators, accountants, etc.)
  • Optimization of performance
  • And much more

Sows Module

  • Instant access to sow data
  • Printing of customizable sow cards
  • Individual feeding according to body condition and parity
  • Reports tailored to your needs

Nursery-Finishing Module

  • Interface between feed management and accounting system
  • Real-time feed management
  • Electronic orders/invoices import
  • Analysis reports (group ending, mortality, feed costs, etc.)


MAXIMUS Solution

All the elements are interrelated, why separate them?

Today, you can no longer dissociate your production data from those of your animals' health and nutrition, water intake, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, CO2), etc., because they all impact each other.

It is therefore essential to collect and analyze the data on ALL the components that influence the welfare and profitability of your herd.

With this 100 % integrated solution (combination of Maximus controller and Maximus Software), you get the global picture to better target the required actions.


Farm Management System - MAXIMUS Controller

MAXIMUS Controller

A system that controls equipment operations and collects environmental data in your farm buildings.



Farm Management System - MAXIMUS Software

MAXIMUS Software

A complete monitoring software that is fully customizable according to your livestock production.

Farm Management System | MAXIMUS Solution - Collect and analyze the data

Feeding Management | ESF Group Housing

Farm management system - A smart System that combined Productivity

Efficient feeding management that benefits both the sow and the producer

MAXIMUS offers a centralized smart feeding system for unparalleled accuracy, ideal for individualized precision feeding in farrowing. The system accurately dispenses the required feed for each sow using RFID technology and automated communication between feeding components.

The Maximus feeding system provides:

  • Customized feeding matrix based on body condition, parity, and number of gestation and lactation days.
  • Ability to create different feed budgets, curves and schedules.
  • Possibility to simultaneously manage two types of feed
  • Reduction of feed waste. Data import and customizable report generation.
  • Continuous communication between bins, feed lines, etc., for real-time inventory management.
  • Instant alarms that flag any irregularities.

Farm Management System | MAXIMUS Feeding Management - ESF Group Housing


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