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Quality starts on the farm. Maximize your poultry production!

MAXIMUS provides monitoring and automation solutions to maximize production with better consistency and efficiency for broiler, layer, or breeder houses.

We all know that the poultry protein has become a popular choice of meat by consumers around the globe. For producers to manage to this growing need while maintaining their production costs, they need to focus on feed efficiency, growing performance and animal welfare.

By monitoring all key factors that impact bird health, growth and egg production, and considering the correlation between them, MAXIMUS regulates and synchronizes operations with accuracy using a SINGLE integrated system. By regularly monitoring bird performance and adjusting management strategies as needed, poultry farmers navigate their flocks to better growth and profitability.

MAXIMUS Solution - All the Elements are Linked, Why Separate Them?

Get more results when your control system and production management software work together rather than individually.

Poultry Management System - MAXIMUS Solution – Collection and analysis of flock growth data Today, you can't separate your production data from your birds' health, consumption and environmental conditions, etc., because they all influence each other. Collecting and analyzing data on ALL the elements that influence flock growth gives you a better overview to act with precision. If the birds are drinking more than usual, you will see if it is related to uncontrolled heat, lack of ventilation or an early sign of disease. The synergy of the two systems is a powerful way to improve your performance by effectively guiding you in your daily operations.


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MAXIMUS Controller

A system that controls equipment operations and collects environmental data in your houses.


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MAXIMUS Software

A complete production software that is fully customizable to your poultry production.

Poultry Management System - MAXIMUS Barn Overview on iPad

Providing Comfortable and Safe Housing

Incorrectly programmed air inlets, ventilation, feeding, and lighting could lead to health problems and diseases. Monitoring regularly the equipment will maintain the best environmental conditions for healthy and productive birds resulting in high-quality products for consumers.

Reducing Poultry Production Costs

Heating and lighting costs are significant expenses in poultry farms. Implementing energy-efficient practices, such as automated heating and ventilation systems, will help reduce energy costs. And since feed is also one of the largest, if not the largest expense in poultry farming, tracking your bin inventory in real time allows for accurate monitoring of food consumption and can help identify signs of costly anomalies such as waste and even theft.

Working With Producers to Preserve the Planet!

At MAXIMUS, not only do we improve the performance of flock production, but we also minimize the environmental impact with precision farming practices. With live data, flock technicians do not need to drive on site every week if there are no problems with the birds!

No more water lines leaking for hours! The MAXIMUS system will send you an alarm to alert you of excessive water consumption. Or set specific lighting programs managed by the controller to reduce energy consumption.

With accurate and appropriate data and alarms, and automated farm equipment, we can limit polluting factors for better sustainability.