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Precise Greenhouse Management Software

The MAXIMUS Controller uses advanced technologies to provide you with the ultimate climate control capabilities for your greenhouse. It allows for many of your daily tasks to be automated and timed with accuracy to maximize crop production. Temperature, humidity and ventilation are constantly being monitored with exact precision.

A Greenhouse Management Network at Your Fingertips

At the center of the MAXIMUS system is an innovative greenhouse climate controller connected to strategically placed sensors. It offers a fully networked system honed exactly on providing an ideal greenhouse environment for plant life.

Best of all, the MAXIMUS System collects detailed data about your greenhouse in real time. Access a wealth of information from the controller or remotely from anywhere with our mobile or desktop app. You can always make adjustments to vital parameters quickly and remotely.

Configurable instant alarms will alert you of any anomalies. With the MAXIMUS System, you can always make an informed decision about the welfare of your plants.

Controller access on mobile device
Manage greenhouse vitality

Flexible to Fit the Needs of Most Greenhouses

The MAXIMUS System is a highly flexible and configurable system. Depending on your greenhouse setup, you can choose to manage many aspects of greenhouse viability, including:

Temperature - Certain plants need specific temperatures at different times of the day to flourish. The MAXIMUS Controller achieves this by automatically coordinating the key components that affect temperature.

Ventilation - Is the tool for controlling humidity, regulating temperature, and providing fresh carbon dioxide supply. MAXIMUS allows you to measure and control many factors that affect airflow inside greenhouses, including powering HAF fans, roof vents, and roll-up curtains.

Humidity - Maintaining optimal humidity levels in your greenhouse is important for plant growth. At higher or lower humidity levels, plant physiological processes may slow down, leading to slower growth and lower quality output. By using devices such as misters, sprinklers, and fans, the MAXIMUS controller achieves optimal humidity levels, which are key to plant health.

CO2 Levels Plants absorb carbon dioxide so they can use photosynthesis as a source of energy. Increasing the CO2 levels in the greenhouse can positively impact the photosynthesis of plants. By controlling ventilation, humidity and access to light, the MAXIMUS controller optimizes CO2 levels to benefit plant life.

Managing your greenhouse’s climate has never been easier

The MAXIMUS system manages:

  • Roll-up side curtains
  • Roof vents
  • HAF Fans
  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Misting
  • Weather station
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Tensiometer
  • Biosecurity
  • Etc.


Easy Terms and Product Support

At MAXIMUS, we take great pride in our solutions, and as such, we stand behind the products we offer. To make sure that MAXIMUS is an easy decision, and a rewarding experience for our clients, we offer the following added values:

  • Pay only for the modules you need - No extra payments. No hidden fees.
  • Free software updates - No surprises, MAXIMUS never becomes outdated.
  • No monthly or subscription fees - You own what you purchase.
  • A 5-year warranty - Our commitment to you!

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