Dairy Thermograph (TTR)
The Assurance of Quality Milk

Dairy Thermograph (TTR) – MAXIMUS Thermo solution

Designed for meticulous monitoring of the milk collection and storage processes, MAXIMUS Thermo is a reliable time and temperature recorder (TTR) that allows producers to uphold superior milk quality standards. It provides accurate, shareable, and remotely accessible data at all times.

This thermograph monitors and records the critical cooling and cleaning phases. As soon as the temperature of the tank or pipeline does not match the predefined thresholds, the system automatically sends an alarm to your phone or email.

With MAXIMUS Thermo, producers have precise records of tank and pipeline temperatures during milking and cleaning, as well as corrective measures that have been applied, that would allow them to meet traceability requirements.



Simplified Cooling and Cleaning Cycles

As you know, various factors can contaminate milk, making it essential to continuously monitor the cooling and cleaning processes of the tank and pipeline. To prevent bacterial proliferation, increased vigilance is necessary.

MAXIMUS Thermo lets you set the appropriate cooling temperature targets and immediately signals any detected anomalies.

Furthermore, MAXIMUS Thermo monitors water temperature and cleaning cycle times, and triggers alarms if deviations are observed. Thus, you can rest assured that your milking equipment is clean and disinfected.







Rest assured; MAXIMUS Thermo does not send alarms for no reason!

Based on the parameters set, receive alarms only in case of anomalies or failures of the cooling and washing systems because, when a problem arises, acting quickly proves essential and cost-effective!

In addition to alarms associated with the milk collection system, you also get alerts for power failures or faulty sensors.

Advantages and benefits

Dairy Thermograph (TTR) – MAXIMUS Controller in the Milking Room

  • Continuous monitoring system.
  • Data accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Reports transferable by email.
  • Computerized tracking of corrective measures. No more need for paper logs.
  • Access to the history of all recorded events for flawless traceability.
  • Receipt of alarms for any anomalies direct to your phone, tablet, or computer either by text or email.
  • Multi-tank configuration available.
  • System offered in 6 languages, such as French, English, and Spanish.
  • Possibility of adding a Prevention module (electrical network monitoring) and a Modbus card for generators.