MAXIMUS - Leader in Agricultural Technology Solutions

More than 25 years of combined experience in the agriculture and IT development fields allow us to design innovative solutions at the leading edge of technology. In 2021, Maximus joined the Ingersoll Rand (IR) company. The acquisition of Maximus by a high-level organization with a worldwide presence is a major opportunity for our development and growth.

Developed and manufactured in Quebec (Canada), the MAXIMUS controller offers automation and monitoring features to manage all the parameters of livestock buildings and greenhouses. Using the latest mobile and digital technologies, it collects all relevant production data to improve operation performance.

MAXIMUS also offers a complete production monitoring software for swine and poultry producers. MAXIMUS Software uses livestock production data, collected in real time, to conduct comparative analysis and produce customized reports to support quick and well-informed decisions.


To achieve and maintain a strategic position as a world leader in the AgriTech market and offer cutting-edge technological solutions that meet the constantly evolving needs of livestock and greenhouse producers.


To develop a state-of-the-art system that contributes to the performance of current and future agricultural businesses and offer scalable solutions that ensure optimal productivity and animal welfare while promoting sustainability for a better planet.

We pride ourselves on innovation, aspire to be connected for life with our customers and embrace the responsibility that comes with that. We know they lean on us for essential, vital and mission-critical solutions, and we are grateful for their trust!

MAXIMUS strives for excellence and works consistently to achieve this goal.

MAXIMUS, developed and manufactured in Quebec (Canada)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate citizen is an important part of MAXIMUS’ values.

We are engaged in the communities where we live and work to make a positive difference.

Not only are we committed to supporting the environment through responsible operating practices, but we are also improving the performance of the agricultural industry with precise farming solutions that can reduce environmental impact.

MAXIMUS - Corporate Social Responsibility

Maximus ISO 9001:2015


In an effort to exceed and excel, MAXIMUS’ management system is recognized by Intertek as complying with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.