Prevention Solution
The power to act quickly

Monitoring of the
electrical network

Detection of anomalies

MAXIMUS has designed a complete solution to prevent fire hazard.

MAXIMUS PREVENTION measures the intensity of the leakage current of your network, detects any electrical anomaly and sends alarms instantly. Remotely, you can quickly diagnose the problem and intervene effectively on the equipment connected to the MAXIMUS.

Don’t wait until it’s too late… Act faster than fire!

Quick diagnosis of the source of
the problem

Direct intervention on the
equipment connected to

Alarms sent instantly

“As soon as the MAXIMUS Prevention system was activated, some anomalies that could have been fatal were detected! I am now reassured! My electrical network is monitored at all times!”
- B. Fontaine, Ferme Avicole Benoît Fontaine Inc.

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